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this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with a special report. >> pam: our special coverage continues with a new tower. right now, we have news crews all are around san
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francisco, and the in the new orleans. gary radnich is here talking about the ravens victory right now, let us speak about some of the people outside. >> reporter: here in north beach, that was pretty intense. the 49ers made a big comeback. after the power outage and went right down to the wire. everybody was on their feet. now, people are drifting out of the regular restaurants. that is not what we're hoping in north beach. >> pam: dan kerman is live in san francisco's mission district. >> reporter: you are correct, there are a lot of police. the have been here
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since seven in addition, if you look you can see that the mission district is quiet right now. the streets have been closed at 22nd street and also there have been a lot of crowds but it has been peaceful. there are so many police officers. at least a couple of dozen. they want to make sure that things will remain peaceful. with a double the amount of police officers that we saw during the world series. >> pam: how are people behaving? >> reporter: there is it definitely, some disappointment, no doubt. people are disappointed and as they come by the are still supportive of the 49ers. but it definitely, people are dejected. you can see the contingent police
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officers on motorcycles up and down the mission district. they want to keep things safe and calm >> justin waldman is live in san francisco's marina district. as that came was winding down but not much happening. >> very sad. the air just got sucked out. as soon as the 49ers lost. one thing we can see is that they have turned off the television. they do not even want to show the celebration. the bars were emptying out some people are finishing up their food and drink. but people have left. there really are no while the celebrations in the street. people are leaving. people
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are trying to forget about the loss of the forty-niners and thinking ahead towards next year. as you can see, the sidewalks are pretty empty. people are just kind of moping around it is not very exciting. with the game, and how people are at least be heaving appropriately. we will keep an eye on things in the marina. but what a bummer. >> pam: could you speak with one of the fans of how they're feeling? >> shore. >> chimera, we are live on kron 4. >> come here -- >> how are you feeling? >> we knew that they could do it, colin kaepernick was our guide but it has going good but we are sad. >> what do think they could have done to turn it around.
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>> not a lot it was very close to was going to be decided by a lot of what ever is. >> to you need a hug. that is what we're doing out of the marina we are just consoling the 49ers fans. fifth >> pam: that is pretty good, adjustinjustin waldman. >> yes. we just saw that from the forty-niners owner. i do not know if we can show you. is says thank-you to all the forty-niners and the 49ers faithful for an amazing season. even though it hurts congratulations to steve, the owner and the entire organization. obviously, he is a disappointed owner. and thanking all of the forty-
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niners faithful for really was a great season. you cannot say that a enough that it is a hurtful and disappointing situation. but they got further. they lost the and now, they used colin kaepernick with unlimited promise and now the stage is set for the 49ers to be the favorites. to go back to the super bowl with a great, young team. and of the shia read alecia reed. finkel, for the fans but it is it disappointing. >> reporter: yes, brand. we can see that it is most of the people are gone. as soon as the game was done they have been heading out. however, there are people right here with me brent and travis. for the entire game
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you were on the edge of your receipt. talk to me. >> it was a difficult first half we were just in front of all receipts the entire game. and it was free event will however to be here in the san francisco 49ers for the opportunity to be in the several so i am thankful for that. >> and you guys are really, shaking your head and rubbing your head at the anticipation was too much. at one point they thought you thought there were going to take it. >> the 49ers are a second- half team and the were going to bring it back. i have my faith in colin kaepernick. this was from the chill montana era that it is in my blood i thought or going to come back. and with the last pass to crabtree it should have been passed. we
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brought our best but it was a good game, nonetheless. >> reporter: travis, what happens it now. what are you going to do for the rest of the night? celebrating? >> it is hard to tell with a loss. but i am thankful to be here and montego state.. it is not just about chasing the dream it is catching it. i think that we're going to catch that dream and to bring natural freak back to san francisco. if you can believe it, you can achieve it will bring that trophy -- back to san francisco. and with michael james, colin kaepernick we have a lot more to work with. but we get there, for sure. >> reporter: there you go, and the next year, we have another shot.
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>> alecia reed uone of those guys mentioned the past interference that was not called. it was the fourth down try to get a touchdown. they would have given them the lead but there was not a penalty called. harbaugh has just said that g...jim said he wanted to handle this with class but there is no question that it was passed interference. and a hold on that last play. jim harbaugh and not happy that michael crabtree was not given a flag. it looked like he was certainly held and there was no penalty. that could be one of the key points as we digest that was the key play. with under two minutes. the 49ers qaeda pat that touchdown if he was going to catch that ball.
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however, that is what jim harbaugh feels. >> we have just heard that the team mvp was gone to joe flacco here are some live pictures. this is live from our helicopter partnership with abc seven. san francisco police in the mission district are making arrests. putting suspects and the police wagon. the police for making it clear that there were going to be no tolerance for people acting up. or causing any problem with no public drinking. the mayor, the district attorney and the fire chief making statements this week to make people realize that they are serious about not allowing any problems, bonfires, celebrations to not get out of hand.
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you can see that activity right now in the mission district. we will be right back
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>> welcome back. gary radnich has just returned to the studio. the entire bay area is standing behind our nfc championship mayor ed lee was enjoying the game earlier at the new gold dust lounge at the embarcadero. he was shining and. they're moving to santa clara but for now, he was shining chiming however,
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disappointed but still congratulation, nonetheless. >> gary radnich, sports director. >> gary: i think that they have a young, good team so they will be back again. i would do to you would just team did it to you. >> pam: the console pal and that was sweet. a >> gary: her husband, had to watch the whole thing, grant lodes, standing here. >> pam: she was fine. >> gary: the point is that during that block out the 49ers fans do not want to it meant that when you are
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older like baltimore. when is 28-3. you were just warming up that was a big a advantage for the 49ers. i do not want to say or nobody wants to say how the will perform with out the blackout. but perhaps it helped. and these are going to go for four minutes. >> i want to watch. >> gary: i was watching the game and did not understand what the bar was like. the superdome, they are hosting the game and colin kaepernick was great. making only a 10th career start. flacco was great. harbaugh there were both classes throughout and to release the final game after 17 seasons. but here comes flacco off of a
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multimillion-dollar contract he said let me play out my final year. seven-nothing, baltimore. flacco provided the pass and we were talking about chris culliver but to stay with the 49ers they made a great game. the michael james and reporting a few tackles but he created it with arthur jones recovering. it is all baltimore. with five plays later cough flacoo 22-23. 287 yds, and 40-3 = baltimore. colin kaepernick it looks like it was all going down but the interception with the first time they have had a interception. that was since joe montana. you really have to look at some of these ugly statistics. competitive, but these were
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practically like wild indians. there goes jim harbaugh, game on a. with 155 left, jacobi jones falling down on his back. culliver was the man defending 21-3. they kicked a field goal 21-6 and here we go. and this is when you thought that the game was over. the start of the second half and there goes jones to jacobi, gone! at first it was109 yards and then 108 yards the previous super bowl record was 99 yds. and 28-6. the lights went out on the new orleans. 35 minutes. john, you can
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see that he was a little bit animated but the fact was that they had to have the sitlines going. their sideline equipment was not working. however, it was all colin kaepernick he was great. 16- 28. over 300 yds, michael crabtree to make a 28-13. now, jim is fired up and frank court is the starting to do his business with a court touchdown, a 28-20. the 49ers, g with safeore touchdown and only the second time this season. a fumble. and then, a recovery with a nine 957 in the history of the super bowl, i do not know how many games
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you have play there has been no more yardage gained them hammer. even post season, with seven carries, but colin kaepernick. over randy moss, not doing much. frank gore broke free. you figure right now that the 49ers can take the lead. that is swift 240 left but now, the defense. after that, jim harbaugh said flat out that it was a bad call that a minister. looked at him. look at him. he was ready to go crazy. after the game he said that he wanted to do this with class and did not blame the defeat on that play. but there is, after a safety, the baltimore ravens punt took an intentional safety to bring it within three. the clock runs out a 34-31, baltimore. john and
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jim. classic, the parents, they were really great to throw out. and outside of jim lost it a little bit in the second half. their first loss ever, five-one, in all time. but i cannot say it enough. that oh my gosh! they have a great, young the team. and with colin kaepernick there will be good for years to come. pittsburgh, still the top super bowl winner. dallas, 49 years, green bay, the giants. but baltimore is an older team and you saw it in the second half of their running out of gas. with ray lewis, retiring interesting to see. they could be favored. >> pam: i wonder why they could not get a rhythm in the first place? >> gary: what happens
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especially in the playoffs is who is hot. baltimore had to play an extra game. and the forty-niners were hit and miss if you remember atlanta they also had to catch up. and even during green bay if but baltimore has been more consistent baltimore, people do not want to hear this but for the first half there are just better. you cannot say that one person blue it, or the other guy blew it. >> that was the first interception by a 49ers at a superable fairfax >> they will be good next year and in the words of a man married to justin waldman i cannot name anybody on the team [laughter]
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and do not feel bad if this is your last to go round. >> pam: they will definitely come back. >> gary: and if you want to feel bad about somebody, brian [laughter] >> i feel great, now. >> gary: brien could be even selling insurance next year la >> if something to look forward next tomorrow, with sunshine. and tuesday, wednesday. a chance for some rain on thursday. right now, just a quarter of an inch and that is in it. speaking of that is about it, that is about it for me, too. >> to not pay attentio brian gary, brian. and here are the celebrations. the
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happy fans in the streets of baltimore. and look after happy fans in the streets of baltimore. and look after that crowd. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> it was a momentum changer but not a game changer. when things were looking dim for the 49ers. this is video right outside. this was in the third quarter of the fans were encouraged to stay in their seats the limited power outage was only after the power outage at the superdome. but it is not the first time. that was at candlestick park in
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december, 2011. a transformer went out. not once, but actually twice during that game. alex smith was the quarterback at that time. they actually beat the steelers at that time.
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>> this is a live news conference >> no matter what we have been faced with. whatever goes on here, it does not matter we are going to be here to finish this race and we finished it. >> my best play? when we got we000 on the clock. and we got that confetti. that is one thing about me i do not want to talk about my plight is what i can do for my defense and my team. what we did was as a team today was the ultimate. individually, i will never speak about myself when it comes to this type of victory.
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>> pam: that is ray lewis. one of the siersenior players that is retiring after tonight, we will be back. . [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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easier banking. standard at citibank. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now with a special report >> pam: 49ers fans are not happy. 34-31 but there is another day. gary radnich said that that they will have a another chance. >> reporter: plenty of chances for optimism the 49ers fans throughout the bay area are proud but certainly disappointed in the outcome tonight.. kron 4's will tran and you have been outside of their own
8:34 pm
light.but you cannot be celebrating with.. >> reporter: that is why some of these people might just to drown their sorrows. here are some people view our from hayward. >> yes. >> reporter: give us your thought on the game if thought it looked like record to be blown out with and they made a roaring comeback. >> it felt great. we were down to one. with lights shutting down. and at that moment i thought that it was going to go all the ways. everything was going towards the ravens but after that its started going to office. after the 5 yd line, >> what did you think after the lights came back on. it was just point after point
8:35 pm
making a huge comeback. >> it was amazing we could not believe that it brought our spirits back. the fans started getting back towards the momentum and it ended in heartbreak. >> we are planning 49ers football that is what we have been doing with colin kaepernick! we should have kept going. >> when they were about to score. how what was going to remind? >> we do this. >> to get through the and the stone. >> the second down became third down. >> i thought that the magic was going to happen. >> i thought the niners were going to get it but they are still a young team. to bring
8:36 pm
it back and we are going to be right back here >> he has taken it one step further each year. >> absolutely. >> reporter: can you see this? the diehard 49ers fans. how long did it take you? >> 45 minutes but it was well worth it. >> the 49ers faithful, always. >> thank you. we see that some 40 niners fans thousands of people are coming out. could we get your 49ers reaction? we are working to try to get reactions just from niners fans from the bay area that are here in the new orleans.
8:37 pm
area. >> will tran, thank you. and i want to show you some quotes from john harbaugh. the brother to to coac saying that when the lights went out and the gym was on the other side i knew that we were going to be in for a dogfight wind jim harbaugh -- was on the other side. jim harbaugh is suffering it is more difficult and more suffering than i thought. the brothers, john said to jim harbaugh that i love you and jim harbaugh said " congratulations ". there was a slight increase. these are supremely competitive guys that that been battling for things their entire lives. you can see how close they are. is it is it difficult for these parents.
8:38 pm
we are going to come back with continuing coverage of super bowl 47 >> pam: kron 4 has been hit out and force. trying to get some reaction on this super bowl sunday. let us hear from some of them. >> reporter: as the clock was ticking down at the niners spaces said it all there were a shock, disbelief, anchored and as the 49ers-fans. >> fans. angered... >> i came all the way from los angeles it was a great season. >> they did not call they cheated. >> we will give it to him this time. we had a good run it was okay. next year, the
8:39 pm
title! >> the 49ers have lost their game but here are some reaction from fans. film i feel a little bit down. it was just one run short we have to think the team from coming back, holding together and giving it everything they had. it was so, so, so close. >> reporter: fell apart right at the end. >> we needed that touchdown and even the call was portion of all. they felt that it could have been a hold.. the call. was even- to-questionable but getting to the super bowl, it was
8:40 pm
great. >> reporter: there is always next year. pinot we are a little bit older on the defensive side the we have an incredible coach. and we are really exciting with 20 people and our party. it was so exciting but after we lost, it just felt terrible. >> reporter: are you going to be okay? >> we are going to be fine and will be here next year, supportive ago 49ers next year. bamako nine niners... >> go niners. >> these fans are dealing with it the best they can. they are raising the roof a little bet purify a lot of cleanup to be kampf
8:41 pm
>> i was not really feeling the best i thought the were going to have a good game. >> i thought the were going to come back the entire time. >> what are you going to do? >> it looks like this guy has got its worst. >> the fans are a little bit upset. but they are probably going to 3 cl here quickly. for another couple of hours. and that is the situation at the republic and a marina, scott rates, kron 4. >> 24th south van ness and the super bowl hopefuls have turned up. (chanting)
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let's call niners. >> this is the superdome in one side and the other side as the 49ers fans are going home without a victory. super bowl 47 but still the crowd of a great team. we will be back. . at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. >> pam: let us go back to the press conference. >> we had a great drive and i thought that we have this all we have to do is get the ball back in our hands and we can make it happen. i think that we took advantage of the opportunity. every opportunity we made it happen and that is what this game is about capitalize on
8:45 pm
the opportunities in critical situations. we have been down this road before. last year, with the philadelphia eagles. and this year, with the falcons we have been in this position so we know what we have. all we have to do is believe and we did believe. >> that is vernon davis it was one heckuva game. and it was not enough as they lose to the ravens 34-31. frank gore saying that he respects the baltimore ravens it was difficult for the pill to swallow. continuing coverage of super bowl 478 gary radnich will be joining us, next
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>> pam: gary radnich is here superable 47. >> there were still just 3 points short. and let me give you a hug.. it is difficult and who has been a star is will tran.. and with the live shots it looked really good. i become a will tran fanattic... >> and i thought that was coined to grab him if he did not want to speak with them but it was a beautiful shot. will tran we know about pam, grant, brian is my man but i think themv mvp definitely, it
8:49 pm
is will tran and let me show you some of these highlights. a difficult night if you want to play the game. and we might not back here again but the 49ers with colin kaepernick are going to be a good time. as long as harbaugh can stay settled and a brother jim and brother john it was good. if they wanted to play the family came with ed read. the first time 170 games that there was an interception. to the referees credit they let them play. the where not a play. flags. but people were getting upset. and i cannot say it enough. chris culliver had a difficult week. there is jones again.
8:50 pm
108 yards is the record. 28- 6. and you figure that it is going to be lights out. from there, the veteran team cool it down. using that 30 minutes to get going and he was not yelling about of the lights. he was saying the equivalent for the 49ers was not working. so they do not have to sit out any more. just as you feared, michael crabtree, 28-13. and colin kaepernick 16 pass to watch
8:51 pm
flatea--flacco 9 minutes 57 seconds left and this is why alex smith had to sit down. colin kaepernick rolling it into the end zone. with a 31-29 they go for the two- point conversion and it failed. and then come o gore there was the momentum and fourth/goal. and if you want to question the something jim harbaugh said that the referee missed a call. how about that play selection? he cracked a little bit in the end. 34-31 the baltimore. as time runs out. for the first time the 49ers
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in the city of san francisco and northern california find themselves on the short end of a super bowl. montana, steve young, the harbaugh family what a great story. with post-game reaction. >> in the locker room there were saying let's go. we have to believe. we have to keep our spirits high everybody was talking. and then the harbaugh came in and they had this look on their face that we can do it toward >> i felt that our guys battled and competed we had a spark. and i thought they did that, the battle to to get in it and paddled right to the brink of winning at. >> people are going to find
8:53 pm
what they find but the only negative sign that frank gore was saying that it was that he was the better team. >> there have been times that if the weather runs long? and if ryan o ryan -- >> we will take a break and come back. >> is nice.. we will be back. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes?
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>> pam: if the parties have started in baltimore, nor lands but a quiet night in san francisco with the super bowl loss. nonetheless, a great team. will tran has been there all week. >> reporter: i have to tell you, pam. that the fans are classy they've never said a bad thing about the baltimore ravens. that they just said they came up a little bit short. they came out dejected. they thought that it was going to happen with a miracle comeback. when the there were knocking on the door and came up short but they were
8:57 pm
obviously, sophisticated and they realized that we have a young team. harbaugh is going to be a great coach. and the next step with colin kaepernick the future is only going to get better, brighter. even though it was not completely bad. >> pam: thank you, will tran all week and also chile are stone in the big easy. and also chile are stone-is in the big easy. you know, that we were closed. j. r. stone -- was also in new orleans. >> it was an emotional roller coaster. it could not get any worse and then it was a blow out. the lights go out, and everything changes we are going to secure about the non-penalty call on the fourth down. and it turns out that colin
8:58 pm
kaepernick have that pass intended for somebody else. however, jerry rice said it was a chance for them to regroup. give the president that they are heartbroken and proud. and the giants traded. we are tipping our caps what a great season. we know that you are going to be going beforesfunwith sf unit. super bowl and that the 49ers, they will get another one. colin kaepernick is only 25 years old there is a great future for this team, and this city! have a good night we will see you tomorrow.
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